About Neurosurgery

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Neurosurgery is a highly specialized part of the medical field dedicated to the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system. The field tries to prevent, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate disorders of these specific body parts. The large majority of neurosurgeons are general practice specialists, focusing on the most common medical problems that arise in this field (such as trauma related emergencies to the nervous system of cerebrovascular emergencies such as strokes).

surgical-instruments-81489_640However, there are specialized areas of the practice, such as vascular and endovascular neurosurgery; stereotactic, functional and epilepsy neurosurgery; oncological neurosurgery; spine neurosurgery; peripheral nerve surgery; and pediatric neurosurgery. Neurosurgeons are some of the most educated professionals in the medical field, comparable to plastic surgeons. For example, in the United States neurosurgeons must complete both the four year undergraduate and four year medical degrees, but must also finish a seven year residency in this specialized area of medical care. If a neurosurgeon decides to focus on one of the specialized areas mentioned above, this typically involves an additional fellowship training period of one to two years.

Surgery on the nervous system involves all levels of invasiveness on the body. There are some relatively minor procedures done to the peripheral extremities of the body, like the hands and feet. Other procedures, like those to treat cerebovascular accidents (otherwise known as strokes) involve cutting on the skull and brain itself.

Neurosurgery is one area of medicine that has benefited greatly from advances in technology, computers and robotics. Not too long ago, surgeons on this medical area had to perform all their work with scalpels, drills, magnifying glasses if necessary, and their bare hands. Nowadays, there are intricate robotic machines that can perform very precise movements at the direction of a physician sitting some distance away. This allows for more accurate movements during any procedure and for quicker recovery time.…

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My Paleo Diet Shopping List

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I switched to the Paleo diet a while ago and I don’t have enough words to tell you how good I feel and how happy I am for making this change in my lifestyle.

My Paleo shopping list has changed dramatically. I used to pile up cans and boxes in my shopping cart, thinking that kind of food was healthy. Now, I buy only foods you can actually recognize such as fresh fruit and vegetables and wild-caught fresh fish.

shopping-list-paleoI use broccoli and avocado a lot, so they are among the staples of my kitchen. Cold-pressed olive oil is also essential, as I add it in all my salads.

I also buy meat, especially lamb and grass-fed beef. I also like turkey, but I don’t buy it that often because I’m not so good at preparing it, so I’d rather stick to other kinds of meat. Organs are also nice, but my children aren’t too happy about eating them.

Many people fear the Paleo diet is expensive. I can say I do my grocery shopping without breaking the bank. If you know what to choose, you can enjoy a healthy nutrition even when you are on a shoestring budget.…

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Ways to Cure Plantar Warts

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Plantar warts are rough and grainy skin growths that commonly appear on the heels or balls of your feet, the areas in which have most pressure. This certain pressure may cause plantar warts to develop inward underneath the thick layer of skin. Plantar warts grow because of the human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. It enters the body through tiny wounds, breaks or even some of the weak spots found on the bottom of the feet.

plantar-warts-cureMost plantar warts aren’t that harmful and may not require treatment because it can disappear on its own. However, it can take a long time for it to do so. It also can cause discomfort or pain. One should make sure that the growths appeared on the skin are plantar warts before treating them. There are a lot of ways to cure warts, some of which includes the use of salicylic-acid, liquid nitrogen and surgery or over the counter wart removers like Wartrol. On this site you can read the best Wartrol reviews and where to buy the product..

Salicylic-acid, a keratolytic type of remedy, will remove the wart, layer by layer as well as the dead skin covering it. It can also strengthen the immune system to fight the wart-causing virus. The salicylic-acid comes in form of cream, gels and pads. These are made to be applied directly on warts. Freezing medicine or cyrotherapy would probably be the quickest way to remove warts. In this procedure involves liquid nitrogen. It will be applied on the warts leading to the suffocation of the wart’s blood vessels to fully eliminate it. If salicylic-acid and freezing don’t work, it is recommended to visit the doctor to surgically remove the warts.…

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