My Paleo Diet Shopping List

Posted in Nutrition

I switched to the Paleo diet a while ago and I don’t have enough words to tell you how good I feel and how happy I am for making this change in my lifestyle.

My Paleo shopping list has changed dramatically. I used to pile up cans and boxes in my shopping cart, thinking that kind of food was healthy. Now, I buy only foods you can actually recognize such as fresh fruit and vegetables and wild-caught fresh fish.

shopping-list-paleoI use broccoli and avocado a lot, so they are among the staples of my kitchen. Cold-pressed olive oil is also essential, as I add it in all my salads.

I also buy meat, especially lamb and grass-fed beef. I also like turkey, but I don’t buy it that often because I’m not so good at preparing it, so I’d rather stick to other kinds of meat. Organs are also nice, but my children aren’t too happy about eating them.

Many people fear the Paleo diet is expensive. I can say I do my grocery shopping without breaking the bank. If you know what to choose, you can enjoy a healthy nutrition even when you are on a shoestring budget.…

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